Issue 27: Indo-Asian Journal

With a focus on the art of India, the 27th edition also looks at cultural interactions. A śivaitic granite frieze shows clear connections to Indonesia. An essay on Vajrāsana stone slabs draws parallels with maṇḍalas from western Tibetan temples. An article about the original and copy of the Cakrasamvara bronzes also takes us to Tibet. Additionally, new results identifying Central Asian wall painting are presented, a look at the decor of Mongolian monastic architecture, and a collection of black pottery from Nizāmābād is linked to Bidri ware. The Mughal-era depictions of public punishments can be seen as an expression of imperial ideas of justice. Contributions to digitalization in the museum and the work of the Indian painter Sayed Haider Raza lead us into the present.

Special Journal: The Early Bidri Ware – Indian Zinc and Its Bartering

Issue 26: Indo-Asian Journal

On the occasion of the complete opening of the new permanent exhibition of the Museum of Asiant Art in the Humboldt Forum, this issue provides an introduction to the new presentation of the museum’s collections. Selected restoration projects of Central Asian art are also presented, and the blue and white glazed tiles from the Punjab on display are examined for the first time in their technical context. Other articles deal with the use of 3D models to document Indian cultural objects, the history of a Gandhara relief from the museum’s collection, and the transfer of religious imagery from India to the art of the Mekong Delta.

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